Huadong Cocoa is committed to becoming an international top manufacturer and supplier of cocoa raw material and food.
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Chairman’s Speech
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Huadong Cocoa is committed to becoming an international top manufacturer and supplier of cocoa raw material and food.
You are welcome to the website of Huadong Cocoa. It may be fate that you come to know us. Someday you may become our partner and friend. No matter what happens later, we are honored and glad to meet you. Hereby, I would like to extend my cordial greetings and best wishes to old and new customers and friends from all walks of life, who have been caring and supporting Huadong Cocoa.

I remember that Professor Wang Qiwen, Vice President of Guanghua School of Management of Peking University, once said "The essence of management lies in truth of science, goodness of human nature, and beauty of art. Managers ought to be down to earth, pragmatic and realistic; be kind to people, nice to talent, self-disciplinary, and lenient towards others; and have creativity and imagination of artists to draw blueprint unprecedented in history and compose movement never heard by the world".

Competition among enterprises is a competition about wisdom. “Enterprise credit superior to anything else” is the corporate tenet we uphold. We have been advocating standardized management, innovative management and quality services, and have gradually formed scientific and systematic management framework and operation mode in more than ten years of operation. We will keep reforming and innovating, in order to create an international first-class enterprise.

Competition among enterprises is competition about talent. In the changeable and unpredictable era of economic competition, respecting talent is the source of enterprise development. Staff’s wisdom and passion is inexhaustible source of enterprises. We pay attention to the exertion of talent of each employee, so that employees work together to enhance enterprise cohesion and make achievements.

Competition among enterprises is competition about knowledge. Leaders’ passion is the life power of enterprise innovation. Its burst source is continuous learning — integrating personal study into the background of enterprise development, constantly perfecting and improving oneself, finding one’s new value in continuous attempt and efforts, and creating newer self and a newer enterprise. Only thought innovation can emancipate the mind and drive the enterprise to develop. Leaders should be skilled at practicing this belief in the process of leading staff, and making employees also have this valuable character.

“As the heaven revolves, the gentleman should improve himself.” I firmly believe that: ideas determine outlet, which is valuable because of innovation, exploration courage, and sacrifice willingness. Huadong Cocoa people, who advocate pragmatism, will surely make prosperous achievement and create better future under the support of friends at home and abroad.
——Shi Yuping, Chairman & General Manager of Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food