Huadong Cocoa is committed to becoming an international top manufacturer and supplier of cocoa raw material and food.
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Industry Development
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East China cocoa is committed to become the world's leading cocoa food processing raw material manufacturers, suppliers.
Company to consumption growth in demand as the guidance, to build R & D, production, sales integration, fast, efficient operation platform, with advanced production management level will continue to strengthen the competitiveness of the company's products, to become the leader in the international cocoa industry market.
Company wide exploration cocoa food, new technology, new markets, new varieties of popularization and application, leading cocoa food manufacturing technology commercialization process, remain the leading position of cocoa and food industry both at home and abroad, to be the leader in domestic and International Cocoa food, establish global cocoa food manufacturing industry paradigm.

Company future
Market: targeting high growth and high efficiency of the market, low profit, low growth market give up, seize the early high profits; meet the rules of competition in the market; in the industry maintain leading position.
Application: the application and market of the wide range of exploration technology, the development of the industry standard, the demonstration of the customer, the product series, the integrity.
Technology: inadequate attention to enterprises have core technology; adhere to the direction of the core technology of investment; with the advantages of Huadong cocoa industry to create profits higher, product advantage stronger, attractive to customers.

Product positioning
Strategic business: the existing five major cocoa products is the focus of the recent investment in the business, is a major source of revenue and cash flow to form, is the support of the company's rapid development of the pillars of business. Growth business: Red cocoa powder is the company's new business sources, new growth point, the future will have to choose to grow into a new strategic business.
Foster business: the company has a choice of small size of the industrial chocolate into the business direction, according to the situation to determine the future development opportunities.